Through the IPI Discussion Lists, you can communicate with like-minded patent information  professionals everywhere, in any language you choose. To subscribe or unsubscribe takes only a  minute and the benefits include the following: Keep up with the latest news and developments in the patent information industry  Share views regarding patent information issues Post informational messages and announcements of direct relevance to the patent information  community Draw on the expertise of other patent information professionals in seeking a solution to a specific  technical issue that you may be experiencing    
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To subscribe or unsubscribe to the list takes only a minute.  To join the list, simply click on the link below and follow the instructions.     ‘IPI-Discussions’ -- for Patent Information Professionals in General  The general, the IPI-Institute Patent Information Discussion List (IPI-Discussions), is made available to anyone who is working in or is associated with the field of  patent information, such as patent information users, vendors, patent offices, etc.  It is intended to provide an interactive forum for the discussion of patent  information searching and related subjects. Regular bulletins will also be posted to the IPI Discussion List with the latest news regarding IPI-ConfEx.  It is highly recommended that anyone already registered  or intending to register for IPI-ConfEx join the list to receive important announcements regarding  conference arrangements. ‘IPI-Eng’ -- for Patent Information Professionals in Engineering  Information specialists working in the electronics and engineering fields are also encouraged to  join the IPI-Eng Discussion List.  This has been specifically established for the discussion of topics of unique and specialist interest to information professionals in the engineering areas.  Examples of subjects addressed could include classification searching, full text searching, use of specialist indexing and databases,  searching of drawings, etc..  Anyone registering or intending to register for IPI-ConfEx should also join the general IPI-Discussion list above to receive important  announcements regarding conference arrangements, as well as for general patent information discussions.
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