IPI-ConfEx offers a unique opportunity to network, educate, and showcase your products and solutions  to patent information professionals.  As a sponsor, you will enjoy a high level of visibility and promotion  throughout the conference.  Sponsorship opportunities are designed to specifically give your company brand visibility as well as the opportunity to meet and network with decision-making information professionals:
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Sponsorship Opportunities
Information on participation, speaking opportunities and exhibit opportunities for information providers (database producers, database hosts, tool providers, service providers, consultants, etc.) is available from the Conference Organisers at admin@ipi-institute.com.   Vendors/suppliers/service providers are not eligible to submit a paper/poster via the Call for Papers/Posters (this is reserved for actual users of information working in industry).  Speaking time for vendors is only available through sponsorship.   Please note that there is a restricted number of presentation slots, exhibit spaces and sponsorship opportunities available, and therefore vendor participation is at the discretion of the organisers. The IPI-ConfEx Organisers reserve the right not to accept any registration application, including submission of papers/registration applications from vendor/supplier/service provider organisations based on sponsorship level.   Please also note that any special events (i.e. any organised social events or technical programs and seminars during or within seven days either side of the conference days within the geographical region of the conference venue) must be in consultation with, and formally pre-approved well in advance by the conference organisers in writing.  Without exception, all attendees to the Conference and Exposition, including official Sponsor Exhibitors, are required to strictly adhere to this condition.   All Sponsors/Exhibitors, including sponsor speakers, workshop hosts, booth staff, and administrative staff, must register for the conference.   Vendors are encouraged to participate as sponsors/exhibitors.  Alternatively, vendors may apply for registration at the non-sponsoring vendor rate of €2,680.00 per delegate.  All non-sponsoring vendors must adhere to the non-solicitation policy.
“Since our product launch a few years ago, we have, by far, had most of our business generated through contacts at IPI-ConfEx; the best patent information conference internationally.” - Returning IPI-ConfEx Sponsor
Further Information
Eligibility and Confirmation Procedure
Benefits of sponsorship include participation at the conference as well as one or more of the following: Exhibit space in the Expositions Hall Opportunity to present during the plenary session Registration to attend the conference at special discounted sponsor rate Opportunity to host a workshop Publicity in pre-show materials and during the conference Opportunity to sponsor coffee or luncheon breaks Opportunity to sponsor dinner reception or other major event Opportunity to organize a workshop satellite event on the day before or after the conference program A la carte options are available to reinforce presence and maximize exposure Information on sponsorship is available from the Conference Organisers, please contact lucy.antunes@ipi-institute.com
Cultivate new business partnerships Accomplish lead generation goals Build brand awareness and product recognition Reach decision-makers Showcase your company’s products and services
Sponsorship & Registration Eligibility and Confirmation Procedure Through consistent feedback from both our Industry Delegates and Information Provider Delegates, it is clear that everyone strongly emphasises the all important need for an appropriate balance between numbers of information users and information providers attending the conference. Therefore, the conference registration policies are in place to accommodate this principle and ensure a highly professional and focused conference, training and exposition programme, and strategic discourse, as well as a balanced and enriching networking experience.   Attendance and sponsorship is by invitation. Interested individuals or organizations that have not received an invitation and are interested in participating, should contact the IPI Organisers. Industry Delegate means an individual who is a direct employee of an industrial organisation that produces and sells products (other than any information related products) such as a chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics or engineering company. Information Vendor/Producer Delegate means an individual or a representative of an organisation that produces information products or provides services/consultancy that could be used or bought by Industry Delegates.   Information Vendor/Producer organizations will be invited to participate at the conference through the conference sponsorship programme. A minimum sponsorship is required to participate. The minimum sponsorship is for an organization with a single brand/product line. Companies with multiple brand/product lines, or products combined through merger of previous industry players will need to sponsor at an additional level irrespective of whether the organisation intends to showcase single or multiple product lines. In summary, sponsorship/exhibiting is strictly based on per organisation (entity) basis, as well as per product/brand line per individual organisation.   A joint venture or joint product between two or more organisations can be represented through a single sponsorship as long as only one of the organisations’ names is displayed, and representatives from only that one organisation staff the exhibit stand. For the other partner company(ies) to be listed (through signage or any other means), their representatives/employees to be present at the stand, their products (other than the joint product) to be discussed, or to participate in the conference in any manner, the correct sponsorship level needs to be held by each of the partner organisations. The single brand/product rule applies in such cases, same as above.   Others: A limited number of lower level sponsorships may be available for some smaller, diverse and start-up Information Vendor/Producer organizations. This is to facilitate, e.g. innovative tools start-ups the opportunity to have an exhibit stand and demonstrate their products in the exhibits hall.   Registration – Eligibility and Confirmation Procedures:  To maintain the vision for the conference, as well as taking into account the consistent feedback from both our Industry Delegates and Information Provider Delegates, the conference will be structured to reach an appropriate balance between numbers of information users and information providers attending the conference. Therefore, the conference registration policies are in place to accommodate this principle.   Priority will be given to Industry Delegates and employees of sponsoring organisations. Consideration will be given to others based on availability and overall attendance balance, as well as value to the delegates.   Please note that each registration application for attending the conference is subject to final confirmation by the IPI organisers via email and that we do not accept walk-ins. You may wish to wait for this final confirmation prior to booking your flight and hotel.
Information on sponsorship is available from the Conference Organisers, please contact lucy.antunes@ipi-institute.com 
“This is an excellent event to see where the commercial providers are heading, including the latest developments, and live testing in the exhibition hall.” - IPI-ConfEx Industry Attendee
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