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Educational Vendor Workshops and Official Conference Welcome Reception
Sunday Schedule and Workshops
Programme subject to change at any time.
International Patent Information Conference & Exposition
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Conference Delegates are provided with further professional development and learning opportunities via a series of educational workshops. Attendance at these workshops is open to all registered delegates and is included in the registration fee.
Broaden Your Patent Search Horizons With The Latest Solutions From Minesoft Rahman Hyatt – Director, Minesoft Join this Workshop to explore the latest enhancements to familiar Minesoft products and to discover new additions to the Minesoft product range. We take a look at recent enhancements to PatBase, the global patent database, ranging from a new Non-Patent Literature search component to the new full text Viewer Minesoft TextMine.  Minesoft Chemical Explorer will also be presented – an essential new database for any chemistry/pharma searchers, enabling chemical structure searching for full text patents.  With additional updates on the Minesoft alerting services CiteTracker and LegalTracker, make sure you don’t miss it!
Searching of the Unsurpassed Markush Content Collection on New STN Robert Austin – Senior STN Trainer, FIZ Karlsruhe As the number of chemical structures disclosed in patents rapidly increases, it is imperative that IP professionals have the right tools for searching this information efficiently and reliably. The latest release of new STN introduced Markush structure search, so that new STN now provides unsurpassed coverage of generic and exemplified chemical structures.  The workshop will provide an overview of the outstanding search capabilities in the chemical databases from Chemical Abstracts Service and Thomson Reuters on new STN®.
Sunday 28 February 2016
18:00 - 19:30
Conference Welcome Reception in the Exposition Hall Usher in the conference in style! Make sure to arrive in time to see old friends and make new connections at the official Welcome Reception on Sunday night. Meet the exhibitors while you enjoy hors d' oeuvres and beverages.
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Creating Reports from New STN with BizInt Smart Charts for Patents John Willmore – VP Product Development, BizInt Solutions In this workshop we will demonstrate how you can create professional reports from the new STN platform using BizInt Smart Charts for Patents, with examples from DWPI, CAplus, the full text patent files, and non-patent literature.  You will learn how to create a summary report integrating indexing from CAplus together with claims from the full text files, and even how to provide a hit structure report for your clients.
GenomeQuest: Latest Features and Advanced Workflows Denis Bayada - Product Manager, GQ Life Sciences In this workshop, we will present several new features of GQ, as well as a few very advanced and sometimes misunderstood GQ capabilities. Some of the new features include viewing alignments NCBI style, accessing US PAIR status and automatically combining Blast HSPs. The advanced features section will include how to view one alignment per family with UFS feature, doing antibody searches in different ways and viewing results for multiple queries.
LifeQuest: Combining a GQ sequence search and a separate full-text search in LifeQuest Denis Bayada - Product Manager, GQ Life Sciences In this workshop, we will start from a GQ sequence search, export selected results to LQ and view them, within LQ, alignment and full-text data included. We will review the LQ syntax and create a query to search full-text patent documents related to the previous GQ search. We will them merge the two LQ workfiles and highlight different interesting documents.  We will review the different highlighting possibilities and export our results. Finally, we will see how changes over time can be highlighted and reported.
14:30 - 14:55
14:55 - 15:20
15:25 - 16:10
16:15 - 16:55
17:00 - 18:00
Ambercite: Introduction to Cluster Searching - A Second Opinion in Seconds Doris Spielthenner, CEO Ambercite No patent analyst or searcher can be a 100% expert in all required knowledge domains. This workshop shows you how Ambercite Cluster Searching can give you an objective second opinion on any search strategy or result set, in a matter of seconds. It is also a fast and easy search solution in areas that are hard to search for. Why? Ambercite leverages the distributed intelligence of patent examiners and applicants by building a big network of the world's ~150 million citation opinions and analysing them in a new and smart way to assess patent to patent similarity and patent importance. You will learn how to: Find critical patents missed by other techniques or tools. Simply input a starting list of relevant patents Rank results by similarity for easy review and export Quality check any search strategy or result set in seconds Quickly evaluate a portfolio and identify licensing opportunities
13:45 - 14:25